The first documentary mention o the village dates back to 1548 under the name of Parihuzoc. It belonged to the lordship of  Humenne, from the 17th century it belonged to the Szirmay family and in the 19th century it belonged to the  Mednyanszky family. In 1999 a new church was built. The village is the smallest village in  Snina region. Most of the inhabitants are pensioners.

General information:


Eastern part of Nízke Beskydy, in the fold, where there is a spring of little river Pčolinka

Height about sea level: 

448 m

Tourist attractions:

  • Orthodox church of Madonna's birth, which was built in 1801 and repaired in 1903 Stand-alone wooden bell-tower
  • millitary cemetery from World War I
  • Ski-lifts (450, 500,800)


Municipal office Parihuzovce, 067 35
Phone number: 057 769 5243